20 Brilliant Ideas Bring in Every Garage or Basement Order

Everyone knows the problem in the basement or the garage are all things which make otherwise available elsewhere only in the way. So now how best these different things neat and practically stowed? With this ingenious DIY Market tricks versa in each storeroom order one! We are sure that for everyone is here! Brilliant Ideas Bring in Every Garage or Basement Order: 1. Practical adhesive and Isolierbandspender 2. hardboard in portrait format as drawers 3. wooden shelf with holes for always … [Read more...]

canceled-wedding-photo-shoot 13

Once the Fiancé Has Canceled the Wedding the Girl Made the Best Photo Shoot

Shelby Swink was supposed to marry her college sweetheart on Nov. 1. When he left her just five days before the wedding, the game plan - and life as Swink knew it - quickly changed. Swink, 23, spent the next few days in shock, rushing to call guests and cancel services. But moping around was the last thing she wanted to do when Nov. 1 rolled around. When wedding photographer Elizabeth Hoard mentioned doing a "trash the dress" photo shoot with friends and family that day, Swink was game. "I … [Read more...]