Celebrities Photoshopped to Look Fat and Make People Happier to Promote Body Positivity

Spanish artist David Lopera has recently started a new project that had him editing the photos of popular female celebrities like Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence, to make them look “heavier” than their usual selves. In his project, Lopera digitally manipulated the photos of these celebrities with Photoshop to make them look “plus-size”, which later […]

origami-adam-tran 1

Highly Detailed Origami Dinosaurs and Dragons by Adam Tran

Adam Tran of Vietnam can make origami dinosaurs – big ones, too. His collection on Flickr is quite impressive. There are, of course, dinosaurs, but also dragons, warriors, critters and the occasional flower. I don’t think that I’ve seen anything pedestrian, like a crane. Origami artist and chemistry teacher Adam Tram folds some incredibly beautiful […]

banksy-gaza 1

Controversial Street Art by Banksy in Gaza, Palestine

Banksy finally revealed the location of the first piece which is Gaza in Palestine. Inspired by a sculpture of Niobe, a Greek mythological figure, the first piece is entitled “Bomb Damage” and obviously with Banksy, the placement is just on point. Niobe’s children were killed out of spite and then in her mourning she turned […]

20+ Mysterious Forests that Captivate Imagination

For centuries, forests have captivated the human imagination. Just think about, there’s a forest in at least half of all fairy tales and horror stories.

superhero-toys-secret-life 01

Secret Life of Superhero Toys by photographer Edy Hardjo

The Toys Photography series created by photographer Edy Hardjo, who goes by the pseudonym Hrjoe, who is having fun staging his superhero toys into amusing and offbeat pictures! How does Hrjoe do it? Lighting and composition, mostly. Miniatures have to be arranged, put on stands, and even partially disassembled to achieve desired effect. He also does some photo […]


Working Dogs: Portraits of the World’s Hardest-Working Dogs

Photographer Andrew Fladeboe travelled to Norway and New Zealand to take pictures of various working dogs for his project The Shepherd’s Realm. Andrew Fladeboe’s love for animals began early—one of his first idols was Doctor Dolittle. While he might not have the fictional doctor’s ability to communicate with animals, he certainly knows how to photograph […]


The Books Frozen with Crystal Growth by Alexis Arnold

“The Crystallized Book Series addresses the materiality of the book versus the text or content of the book, in addition to commenting on the vulnerability of the printed book. The crystals remove the text and transform the books into aesthetic, non-functional objects. The books, frozen with crystal growth, have become artifacts or geologic specimens imbued […]


Celebrity Portraits At Vanity Fair’s Oscar After-Party

Vanity Fair was on hand to capture beautiful and intimate backstage portraits of celebrities, courtesy of photographer Mark Seliger. The list of attendees was as diverse as it was star-studded – everyone from Oprah and Hollywood heart-throb Benedict Cumberbatch to old favorites like Steve Martin (and new ones, like Ansel Elgort). Famed photographer Mark Seliger […]

“The Russian Portrait” Project: Photographer Captures Portraits of People From 1 To 100 Years of Age

Keen Heick-Abildhauge lived in Russia for some time and wanted to show its people to the world. Thus One Hundred Years “The Russian Portrait” project was born. A hundred pictures of Russians aged 1 to 100 tells a shifting story of dreams and images. “The stories are so magnificent and complex that it would not […]

erik-johansson-optical-illusions 01

Mind-Bending Optical Illusions by Photographer Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson is a Swedish photographer and retoucher based in Berlin who is well known on the Internet for his amazing surreal photo manipulations that show everyday scenes with major twists. A number of his works are optical illusions created by manipulating and combining images in creative ways. We’ve all seen plenty of optical illusions […]